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May 3, 2012
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10/150 second
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92 mm
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Date Taken
Apr 28, 2012, 5:03:06 PM
'which way should we go Gina' by Smile4daBirdy 'which way should we go Gina' by Smile4daBirdy
... this is my cute baby sister aka "little white girl" with my big girl Gina... my sister loves the Art Deco Style, so i suggested we dive into my old suitcase and see if we can put together an outfit of the "Out of Africa/Art Deco" era... then hopped into the car and took a drive into the country... found a beautiful quiet road... took a couple of pix, i had some help with PhotoScape and now i cannot wait to show my sister what a super model she and Gina are! Love working with them, they are total naturals!
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PK4only Featured By Owner May 14, 2012  Professional General Artist
What a great pic! Too bad it's in such terrible shape. You should take better care of your old photos! What will your grandmother say when she sees all those scrapes & scratches? Thanks for the RSA info you and Elvis sent... hope this isn't one of those dicey areas. Really like the pic... very authentic.
One little thing... :iconcolumboplz: ... nothing really... I was just wondering... a small thing... the tires... very wide for the era... the tire experts say a late model Porsche 928 & a Land Rover just passed & we'd like you to come down to the station & answer a few more questions. :D
Smile4daBirdy Featured By Owner May 17, 2012
MWUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA oh man, you crack me up buddy! yeah, you are right, i should take better care of my old pix! tihihihihi.... :hug: Naaaaaaaah, i am SO NOT like our friend Fatty Pants! you should know! hahahaa... WOW!!! You sure make a GREAT detective!!! i NEVER thought of the tire marks!!! WELL DONE! :iconfirstplz:
PK4only Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Professional General Artist
Hiya soup-a-girl...I noticed Fat-Chance FattyPants all up in yo' grille tryin' to dominate another social media :D Yikes! She's closin' in on being the "artist" that signed more star portraits that no one ever recognized in world history -- A Phantom & I were talkin' with Elvis 'bout how absurd it is to be 1st at "Handing out the most smiley faces (90,000) " haha - o well... 'most favorite' is different - I like Umberto - just can't imagine how much time it must take!
Smile4daBirdy Featured By Owner May 21, 2012
OMW so she got lots of time on her hands.... i cannot even log in on Stars anymore... i keep trying, but it throws me out... (blessing in disguise maybe?) argh i don't feel like drawing movie stars anymore, maybe in a few years.... Umberto is cool! and remember Anne-Marie from France? the unconditional love she would shower us with? wonder how she is doing.... by the way, you still got the old email? tried to mail, but keeps coming back, saying it won't go through... just pix of me with my new big boy... my sister calls my dogs, my "Guccis" now, cause they both have names starting with G... hehehe
PK4only Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Professional General Artist
hah! she draws like she has a 900 lb. gorilla sitting on her hands! Anne Marie!!? "Billions of tender kisses" for anyone who happened by... maybe she really meant it???? Her dA account was ReAlLy beyond weirdness -- her in her bikini standing next to her Alfa???????? Geez! I got all your mail... & the still shots - except no video... sometimes files over 10 MBs will bounce or drop off or go to New Zealand and throw themselves into the sea. Have fun with your new Gargantuan Gucci Boy down there!
Smile4daBirdy Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
teheeeee, will have to put the satelite on, to see if the small movie decided to get lost in NZ or maybe the Bermuda Triangle... oh yes, i saw those bikini shots of Anne-Marie, body not bad... but i thought, hmmmmm she lets people get to her, saying "bad things" and then she goes and submits sexy pics on another site? weird... well, i don't have that much confidence, guess i find sexy in different ways... like that cowboy billboard pic you once send me! Pfew.... :iconsweatplz: aw well, guess with a lot of photoshop work, i could get a pic of me just as HAWT! HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA.... pffffffffffrt... i am such an optimist, tihihihi... nah, i am your next door girl type, we can go steal some horses together, YOU can wear the bikini! Bet you have much nicer and longer legs than me! :laughing: NOW that would be a Billboard Hot Pix opportunity! :iconflamesplz: :iconcrashplz: :iconcuteplz:
PK4only Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Professional General Artist
Anne Marie's commentary was so apparently insincere, it's now easier for me to remember the puffery than the fact that she had/has spectacular skills as a pencil pusher. Poor girl... she wore her heart on her sleeve and it too was dressed in a bikini. hah! She's probably locked in a torrid romance with some French Diplomat with an unlimited bank account and a great long..... uh... pedigree. :D Are you still mooning over that half-nekkid cowboy?! He was on Super Stock. You could look him up... :D You two would be a hawt haute pair. :iconmuscleplz::iconbabeplz:
Smile4daBirdy Featured By Owner May 23, 2012
heoll, you are too kind sheriff! hehee... hubby is turning 40 tomorrow and i think he actually is feeling it, he is SO MOODY!!! i might just go and visit that hot cowboy kiddo... BUT wait... i bet he is gay! so no luck for me there... :iconcryingplz: :giggle: nah, i am far to much of a goody good gal... have lots of male friends, but i stay faithful to my old german geyser! :icongermanyplz: tiHAAAAAAAAHAHAHA thats the icon for GERMANY???? giggle.... :iconafricaplz: hey, i like africa... :iconsouthafricaplz: ... yeah thought so, DA does not know where South Africa is.... :iconnelsonplz:
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Honeycorn Featured By Owner May 10, 2012
Ohh, I really like this!
Smile4daBirdy Featured By Owner May 10, 2012
Thank you dear Viktoria, that is my sister and my beautiful old girl Gina :)
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